Transitional Housing

Age out foster care

Valley Road - Is. 40:4

Age out foster care - Valley Road: Children that turn 18 years old and provided care as a foster youth, age out at 18 years old. This housing provides a place for their budget while finding their place in society.

Life after Incarceration

Zion Street - Is. 52:2

There are housing packages available and locations willing that rent to member working to become re-established. This housing is only offered for those who may not qualify from programs due to be previously incarcerated.

Explored Housing

Charity Lane - Is. 58 : 10

Non-gender specific help at separate facilities for secure housing after being released from a temporary housing program

Refuge House

Ephraim Drive - Mt. 25:35

This is shared housing with more than 5 people. Ephraim drive is housing that members must maintain their relationship in the current program. Housing linked to a Housing Program.

Group Homes

Rahab Avenue - Js. 2:9-13

Moving from shared housing programs to housing with 5 or less people. Members are assigned to one unit. After completing this program, the next step is independent living.

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